When it encounters wind and waves the inflatable boat how can meet safely?
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When it encounters wind and waves the inflatable boat how can meet safely?

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When we drive an inflatable boat in the sea, it is inevitable that we will suddenly encounter wind and waves. The old captain has his own accumulated experience to return safely from it, as a newbie! Is there a way to return safely? Then, how can we safely land when we drive an inflatable boat? So when I choose an inflatable boat that can enter the sea, I give two purchase requests;


1, on the material:

Inflatable boat material is best to choose Russian imported military-grade polyester fabric mesh, in order to achieve sufficient toughness, plus double-layer PVC material composite, so that it achieves a certain airtight performance. There is glue, the industry's recognized polyurethane glue is the strongest adhesion, the lasting force, the use of this glue can ensure the tightness of the material bonding.

2, on the design:

The driving stability of the hull is the most important in design. First, the bottom of the ship must be V-shaped. The V-shaped raised part should be in the center of the hull to stabilize the center of gravity and not to shake. In addition, it is the pontoon. The small diameter of the pontoon affects the bearing capacity, and the resistance to rollover is poor. Moreover, the ship's surface is too close to the water surface to enter the cabin at sea. Therefore, the design of the pontoon must be increased in diameter, so that the bearing capacity is large, and the ability to roll over is not easy to enter the cabin at sea.


It is not enough to prepare for the purchase. If the inflatable boat can safely land in the wind and waves, it can't be prepared before entering the sea. Here are a few suggestions:

1, life jackets must be worn, no matter how much you have to swim, it is necessary to put a few rescue buoys on the ship, in case of emergency.

2. Commonly used stern and inflatable boat repair tools should be taken to avoid timely repairs.

3, the mobile phone is indispensable, this is the only way to contact the outside world, when the stern machine fails, you can also call the rescue, the mobile phone must be wrapped in a waterproof bag, not in the boat, to be fastened on the body Place, if you put the boat inside, if you slam the phone, it will fall into the sea, and safe landing will reduce hope.


If you encounter wind and waves or need to drive technology, you can break the wind and shovel. When you are fine, you can learn to improve the driving skills of inflatable boats in the still waters. When you encounter wind and waves, you will have a chance to safely land. How can an inflatable boat meet safely when it encounters wind and waves? I personally feel that it is impossible to go against the wind. When encountering wind and waves, we will lean on the shore. If the wind blows from the open sea, we can say it, but if we blow away from the shore, we should not go straight against the wind, because the boat will rise when the boat is driving at high speed. The windy area of the bow is easy to collapse. The best way is to close the shore with a diagonal line to reduce the wind area and speed up so that it can be safely docked.

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