How to prevent inflatable boats motor
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How to prevent inflatable boats motor

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Corrosion is one of the most dangerous threats to the performance and life of a ship. The two basic types of corrosion are galvanic corrosion caused by electrochemical reactions between different metals, and stray current corrosion that occurs when charged metals are immersed in a matrix of water bodies such as lakes, rivers or oceans. Fortunately, both types of corrosion can be avoided or slowed down.

In order to prevent destructive corrosion of new ship hooks, the first thing to pay attention to is the paint on the surface, as this is the first place that may occur at the beginning of corrosion. Pay close attention to any bubbles or blisters, and if so, take immediate steps to correct them to avoid corrosion. Due to the basic use of the ship hook, especially in salt water, some corrosion is unavoidable, so the use of sacrificial anodes will help.


The sacrificial anode is a small chip made of highly active metal that can be installed in most boat hooks and used to prevent corrosion of less active metals. When corrosion begins, the sacrificial anode first corrodes and protects the less active metal in the boat.

Whenever the inflatable boat is running in the sea, it is only necessary to rinse the boat with fresh water to prevent a large number of boats in the sea from eroding. The purpose of this is to eliminate harmful salt deposits that may promote or accelerate erosion. In addition, corrosion around the vent can be solved by thoroughly cleaning the area with marine or automotive wax.

If the owner notices that the stainless steel parts of the ship are eroding, cleaning the parts, removing foreign objects and replacing individual parts if necessary, the problem can be solved. Although corrosion is a problem with the inflating of an inflatable boat, the good news is that it is largely preventable.


Carefully observe the boat hangs and replace or clean the corroded parts as soon as you notice them. After use, use a sacrificial anode for additional protection and thoroughly flush the seawater from the boat's body. These simple tips, tricks and precautions will ensure that your boat hangs for years to remain strong and non-corrosive.

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