Boats hang-up maintenance during seawater use
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Boats hang-up maintenance during seawater use

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While boating in the sea is an exciting experience, the fact that seawater can damage the ship's hang-up should not be underestimated. Fortunately, boat owners can take a variety of preventive maintenance and repair measures to ensure that the ship hangs for many years. Next time you take out your inflatable boat from the sea, please refer to this list:

1. Flush the boat to hang up:After each use of seawater, flush the boat with fresh water to ensure that the ship does not leave corrosive salt piles or debris. Use a suitable flush adapter to allow the engine to run for five minutes to remove any residual seawater.Clean the outside: Every time you pull your inflatable boat out of the sea, it's important to remember to clean the outside of the boat. In addition to keeping the boat hook clean, regular cleaning and waxing make it look new and prevent harmful salt buildup. After cleaning, use high quality marine wax to prevent damage.

2. For silica gel spray:Several times a summer, remove the boat hang hood and spray the power head with high quality silicone to avoid damaging the rubber or plastic. Replace the boat hang hood and reapply the silicone spray once every three or four times.Repairing scratches: Although the ship hooks will inevitably have scratches during use, scratches in paint operations can cause areas that are prone to corrosion, rust and seawater damage. Always check the ship's hanging machine for scratches or scratches and immediately repair it with the matching marine paint. If the cut is deep, fill the area with a high quality metal primer before painting.

3. Lubricating parts:The moving parts of the ship's on-hook are shipped with a dense grease to maintain lubrication and smooth running. Over time, seawater depletes this grease coating and makes the moving parts susceptible to frictional damage. Use a grease gun to keep parts lubricated and protected from corrosion, rust and wear. 

4. Protect your boat from sun exposure:Sunlight can age rubber and plastic structures, making them susceptible to further damage. Store the inflatable boat and the boat as far as possible in a place where there is no direct sunlight. Choose a high quality, UV resistant canvas cover and cover them. Although water is also very easy to damage the ship hangs, there is no need to give up sea water boating. Instead, pay special attention to regular and preventive maintenance, which will help keep the boat hanging clean during seawater use. These simple tips and tricks ensure that your boat hangs up and stays in good shape no matter how long you play in the sea.

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