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FRP boat maintenance

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In addition to the daily maintenance of equipment such as machines, the maintenance points of FRP boats are as follows;

1. Avoid touching sharp and hard objects. When the FRP boat rubs against the rock and concrete structures on the shore, it will cause scratches and other damage, and protective measures should be taken.

2. When we find damaged and repaired vessels, we should repair them in time. Always check the ship. If the resin is peeled off, the scratch is deeper and the fiber is exposed. It must be repaired in time, otherwise it will accelerate the damage due to the infiltration of water.

3. FRP boats should land when not in use, especially during the winter months. The glass fiber reinforced plastic has a certain water absorption property, and the water can penetrate into the interior of the interface between the glass fiber and the resin, so that the strength of the glass fiber is gradually reduced. Especially in the winter, the cold water penetrates and the infiltration channel expands, which is more harmful. Therefore, for every vessel that is not in use, it should leave the water surface to evaporate the water and gradually restore its strength. This will extend the life of the ship.

4. Do not put too much water on the FRP boat for a long time. If there is water on board, it should be removed in time. For example, the battery liquid in the acid-base medium on the lifeboat must be scrubbed with water in time.

5. Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun. Long-term exposure to sunlight is not good for fiberglass denim, which affects the color of the gel layer.

6. Always clean the FRP boat. The surface of the ship's deck should be kept clean. The surface area contaminated by dirt and other substances can be used for detergent cleaning in ordinary households. It does not have strong solvent corrosion effect, and can not be used with decontamination powder and wire scrubbing to avoid scratching and affecting the appearance. If the stain is difficult to remove, we can use gasoline, kerosene, diesel and toluene, acetone, etc., but must be washed immediately with water to prevent the invasion of internal structures.

7. Regular waxing and polishing. In order to make the hull look bright, the gel coat on the surface of the hull should be regularly waxed and polished. The material that can be used for automotive wax or FRP polishing wax can last two to three times, with a tough wax film on the surface of the FRP at intervals of 2 hours. It is best to use a portable polisher to make the surface shine as new.

8. Paint, keep the glass fiber products beautiful and durable. The new ship with a layer of gel coat looks beautiful, but after two or three years of use, the color gradually becomes pale and dark, even darker than light. In order to maintain the appearance of the beauty boat, when the surface layer of the gel coat color is older, more scratches and paint can be used.

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