How to repair the inflatable boat and rubber boat?
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How to repair the inflatable boat and rubber boat?

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Inflatable boats and rubber boats often appear scratches and scratches during use. How can they be repaired without leaking?

Generally, at the time of purchase, the merchant will provide us with a repair kit, which can be repaired in time for us to break.

When repairing, first check the hull one by one to find out the location of the leak;


1.check the hull's several inflatable valves. Generally, these small things in the sand entering the valve can easily cause the valve to loosen and leak. At the same time, it is determined whether the gas valve core has fallen off or not, and there is no glue around the gas valve.

2.The hull is inspected. If no obvious damage is found after the inspection, the inflatable boat dinghies are inflated. (Sometimes the broken mouth is only the size of the needle) Soak the hull with soap, and the blisters will appear in the leaking position, so that we can find the location of the leak.

3.Repair the leak point, clean the leak point, wipe the moisture (it is best not to ensure that there is no water), use a sanding paper or blunt to scrape around the leak point, which is good for the paste effect. Apply a special glue to evenly spread the leak around it.

4.Use scissors to cut the patch into the shape you want. When the glue is half dry, stick it again. After sticking it, press it with heavy weight for half an hour.


If you are sure that you are fully bonded, you can inflate the inflatable boat dinghy.

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