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Rubber boat bottom plate selection

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Rubber dinghies are one of the most common types of fishing, fishing, and water recreation vessels. They have the advantage of being small in size without inflation, compared to wooden boats, plastic boats, fiberglass boats and aluminum boats. The stylish appearance of the boat and the relatively low price are incomparable. A significant disadvantage of this type of vessel is the soft bottom, which makes many water sports unsuitable. To resolve this issue, select another backplane based on the type of motion.


The first type is a base plate made of plywood or aluminum, inserted into a special groove and installed at the bottom of the ship. Metal base plates are preferred because of their greater durability and lower weight and equivalent size. Like laminated wood material plywood, it can't be used in wet environment. It is difficult to avoid the bottom plate sticking to water when the boat is driving on the water. Even with various chemical protection treatments, its life is very limited. The aluminum base plate is a highly corrosion-resistant material that forms a strong bond with oxygen or air in the air to protect the material from further damage. Therefore, the metal alloy base plate is light in weight and high in strength (made of various materials, not pure metal hard aluminum).


The next type of hard substrate is made of sheet material. This type of base plate is a large ship suitable for several people. It is made of aluminum alloy profiles or waterproof plywood, and you should pay attention to the above functions when selecting materials.

Many rubber boats are equipped with an inflatable PVC sole that is worn on a separate nylon suture or separately inflated floor. The advantages of this type of floor are the lightness and the high stiffness of the material provided. The disadvantage of an inflatable floor is that its material is easily damaged. Because even if it is used to make synthetic materials for the rubber boat itself, and the production of the floor has a certain strength, it should be avoided in contact with sharp objects when in use.


Therefore, this article provides you with several types of dinghy floors, from which you can see the advantages and disadvantages between the various base plates. You can find the bottom plate you want based on these. The final choice depends on what you want. What kind of dinghy has the ability.

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