Hand lay-up FRP ship production process and characteristics
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Hand lay-up FRP ship production process and characteristics

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There are different technologies for producing FRP boats, pultrusion, winding, filament winding, SMC / BMC and hand lay-up. Most composite products are pultruded profiles. Today we will introduce the production process and characteristics of hand lay-up glass fiber reinforced plastic boats.

deal with:

1. Brush or spray the release agent evenly on the surface of the mold.

2. After the release agent is dried, apply a layer of gel coat resin.

3. For the gel coat, put the upper mold reinforcement material or the negative mold (surface mat, chopped strand mat, woven roving, etc.), the roller brush is mixed with the resin curing agent, the resin is impregnated with the reinforcing material and the bubbles are kept, and the pressure is maintained. The solid layer is laminated and the operation is repeated until the wall thickness of the design is reached.


When do we need to choose a hand-glued FRP boat?

1. Suitable for small batch production.

2. FRP ships can be cured at room temperature, with low equipment investment and low mold depreciation rate.

3. It is possible to realize a large and complex shape of FRP ship.

4. Resin and reinforcement materials can be freely combined to easily design mixed materials.

5. The reinforcing ribs can be partially strengthened and embedded in the metal sheet.


The surface obtained is a color and gloss of a gel coat (e.g., the mold is not smooth on the side). The glass fiber content is higher than injection molding. But hand lay-up is labor-intensive production, and the quality of FRP ships is determined by the level of skilled workers. And only one side of the mold surface is smooth and the other side is not smooth. Therefore, we should choose the most suitable process according to the requirements of producing FRP ships.

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