What should I do if the inflatable rubber boat is in the water?
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What should I do if the inflatable rubber boat is in the water?

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For inflatable dinghies, it is inevitable that water will enter the ship when entering the ocean. After all, the ship's side is not very high, but this problem is not to worry. Inflatable assault boats are known as never wrecking, and even if the ship is filled with water, it will not sink. The hull pontoon has a large storage capacity and a strong buoyancy capability. Generally, if the water in the ship is full of buoyancy, it can be fully withstood. Wet body is a must, this is what makes inflatable dinghy different!


 However, even if it is into the sea, the inflatable dinghies rarely have water inflow. Most of the time, the ocean is gentle, there is not much wind and waves, and there is no need to worry about seawater splashing into the ship. If there is a large wind and waves, the sea water constantly rushes into the ship, first keep calm, because even if the ship is filled with sea water, the buoyancy of the hull can still withstand, the only thing to do is to keep the hull stable. When the ship is filled with water, the gravity will oscillate with the water flow, and in severe cases it may cause the ship to turn over, so it is important to maintain the hull smooth. Note: If water is constantly coming in, there is a drain valve at the end of the assault boat. Open the drain valve so that the seawater can flow out by itself.

The solution after the inflatable rubber boat enters the water;There is no way to solve the problem of the water inflated rubber boat. The only way is to keep the hull balance and open the drain valve. However, there are still some solutions to other problems.

1. When the sea water enters the ship, the clothes will be wet. You can buy a waterproof skirt to ensure that the clothes are not wet and keep warm.

2, you can prepare a water scoop, the ship can be crowded out of the sea water for a long time, to avoid excessive weight loss.

3, due to wave fluctuations will cause the hull to appear high and low, so the sea water can not be drained with water scoop and drain valve, you can spare a sponge to drain the remaining water.


The threat of water ingress is not great, and the biggest safety hazard is to overturn the ship. It is also said above that if the ship is filled with sea water, it will cause the hull to lose weight and overturn. If there is a real overturn, we have to use the following self-rescue methods;

1. When the ship has serious weight loss, first grasp the safety rope first, and when the ship turns over, it will not be taken away by the wind and waves. (Note; be prepared before overturning, not to be crushed by an inflatable rubber boat)

2. Before the wind and waves are fixed, do not try to flip the hull back. You should grab the safety rope and keep the head out of the water.

3. After the wind and waves calmed down, I began to think of ways to flip the boat back and board the ship again. (Note; if it is a person, due to the hull being too heavy, you should give up after trying two times without fruit, to avoid losing too much physical strength)

4, when waiting for the ship again, people need to cooperate well for a long time, press the upper right and press the left upper right to avoid losing weight again.

5. After returning to the ship, if it is scraped off the shore by the wind and waves, please do not try to use the paddle to return to the shore. You should use the communication equipment to call for help and wait for the rescue.



1. Before you enter the sea, you must wear a life jacket and other rescue buoys.

2, must bring the communication equipment, and wrapped in a sealed bag in the underwear, in case you need it from time to time.

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