The quality of the inflatable fishing boat is light or heavy which more better?
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The quality of the inflatable fishing boat is light or heavy which more better?

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The biggest advantage of an inflatable fishing boat that can be accepted by more people is the light carrying belt. If there is no such advantage, I believe that there are not many people who choose it. It is not difficult to find the answer to the problem that the inflatable fishing boat is light or heavy. I personally think that whether it is heavy or light, they all have their own advantages and disadvantages, only care about what you use. For example, you buy an inflatable fishing boat for fishing. Usually you are fishing alone, so you can bring a limited amount of things. If you buy a heavy inflatable fishing boat, you may not have the feeling of fishing when you move in and out. It is. So like this situation I suggest that you buy the best boat for no more than 20 kg. But if you buy a boat that is not fishing, but is used for fishing in three or five groups, if it is about 60 kilograms for a boat of more than 3 meters, it is very easy for three people to take it separately. If this is the case, I suggest you buy it. One point, if you move, the heavier the better. why? Let's first analyze the advantages and disadvantages of heavy and light boats:


1. Lightweight inflatable fishing boat:

Advantages: Light and easy to carry, easy to install, conducive to rowing, affordable.

Disadvantages: poor stability, poor resistance to wind and waves, poor resistance to rollover, insufficient load capacity, easy puncture, and difficult handling.

  The thickness of the boat below 20kg is up to 0.7mm. It can be said that the optimum thickness is not achieved and the hull is easy to puncture. Since the ship is flat and has only a brushed floor or a wooden floor inside, the stability is poor and it is difficult for people to stand on the ship. The diameter of the pontoon is small, and the largest diameter is generally only 30cm, which makes the ship less resistant to wind and roll and is easier to overturn. The bottom of the ship is flat, and the resistance to the water is very large. During the driving process, it will be driven by the water flow and change the course, and the operation is difficult.


The purchase of such a ship can be divided into two types of people;

  The first one is to know more about inflatable fishing boats. It depends on the situation. As I said above, because I am fishing alone, I have limited things to carry. I have a boat with a weight of 20kg or less and just other fishing tackles. Therefore, this kind of person is not only easy to carry, but also easy to install and easy to row. However, for fishing dinghies, it is not necessary to achieve certain stability and wind and wave resistance. Fishing is generally quiet. Reservoirs or rivers are unstable without water, so this is appropriate.

  The second choice of this kind of ship is to take advantage of his affordable price. It can be said that he does not understand the rubber boat. He originally wanted to use it for fishing in the sea. The fishing itself is very actionable, so the stability of the boat can be It is strict, and it is said that it is fishing in the sea. The sea is full of wind and waves, so the boat is also very demanding in wind and wave resistance. Because I don't understand, I credulously trust the salesperson, and then I bought it because I was greedy, and then I knew that it was used for fishing. I could only play in the Xiaohe small reservoir.


2. Heavy fishing boat:

Advantages: strong wind and wave resistance, strong anti-rollover ability, strong impact resistance, high material thickness and toughness, good stability, easy to control, more than double the load, safe and secure.

Disadvantages: The boat is not easy to carry, the installation is more difficult, and the price is more expensive.

   The weight of this type of boat is 30 kilograms, and it reaches 50 kilograms above 3 meters. If it is used for fishing, it is more difficult to carry it. It needs to be transported several times, so it is not recommended to buy. As mentioned above, this kind of boat is more suitable for fishing. Why? Fishing needs to stand on the ship to operate, the action is very large, if there is no good stability, can stand, so good stability is a must. In this design, the heavy buoys of the boat are enlarged, which can improve the overall load capacity, and also improve the anti-rollover and impact resistance, so that the incoming waves can also travel smoothly. In the material, the ordinary boat has 0.9mm, and the thicker type can reach 1.2mm. There will be a layer of reinforced mesh inside, which makes the material tough and strong, and it is prevented from being pierced. The heavy ship is thick because of the material, and all the floors are also aluminum alloy. It can be said that a boat is 50kg, half of the weight of the hull, and half of it is aluminum alloy floor. The fishing is in groups of three and five, and the hull is separated from the floor. It is not too heavy and can be easily carried. In addition, this type of boat meets the requirements in terms of performance. I suggest that the fishing option is heavy and the inflatable fishing boat is good.


  The inflatable fishing boat is light or heavy. The heavy inflatable fishing boat is not only used for fishing. Its field involves wider than light boats, light for fishing and water, and others are not. space. Due to its superior performance, the heavy boat can adapt to the waters, and plays a very important role in flood control, rescue, maritime patrol and high-speed driving competition.

With high quality material, perfect design, professional production, we got rapid development, won widespread praise and recognition of customer satisfaction.

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