Summer is coming drifting boat drifting notes
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Summer is coming drifting boat drifting notes

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Many people who have not drifted will be afraid of this sport, because the drifting water is very urgent, and many places are very high, there are shoals, whirlpools and so on. Bumping is the most common, so what should you watch out for when drifting with a drifting boat?



First, the shoal

When encountering the shoal, first look at the direction of the water flow, then lower your body, grasp the rope with your hands, and close your legs so that the center of gravity gathers in the middle of the boat, remember not to stand.


Second, the vortex

This vortex will be found in some deep rivers and should be paddled with a paddle before it is caught. If you can't avoid getting caught in time, keep calm and remember to balance the hull. When you spin out of the perimeter, you can move out.


Third, the collision

This is the most common, but it is best to avoid it when you can avoid it. You can use the paddle to hold the anchorage of the river raft, and the hull will change direction. If you can't avoid it, you must prepare for the collision and grab the rope. After the collision, the hull will be parallel to the shore. Pay attention to the legs to avoid collision with the shore stones.


Fourth, stranded

This kind of situation is often easy to occur when the water flow is very urgent and shallow, and the river is very narrow. When it is stranded, try to use the paddle to resist the fixed objects of the river bottom and the river channel, and force the hull out. If the card is too tight, it is necessary for the person to disembark and pull it. The person who disembarks should pay attention to whether there is a drifting boat behind him to avoid being knocked down.


Five, falling into the water


Falling water can be very stressful for people who can't swim, and tension is the most likely to cause sinking. So if you accidentally fall into the water, be sure to keep calm. As long as you don't move, the life jacket worn on your body has absolute buoyancy to make you float on the water. At this point, they shouted that the same teammates were pulling on the boat and returning to the ship.


Six, overturned

When this happens, the most important thing is that the drifting boat cannot cover itself. This is the most deadly. At this point, you should immediately call the staff on the shore to help, and continue to board the ship under the guidance of the staff.


Seven, leaking

It may happen that the drifting boat is used for too long, or if it collides frequently, a gas leak may occur. If you are still drifting and find that the air chamber is slightly soft, please immediately take the boat to the shore or in the shallow water area and call the accompanying staff to check that it is not leaking and continue to drift. The gas chamber generally has a small area of leakage that will not leak out of gas very quickly, so it is just broken when it is a little soft.

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