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How to choose the boats awning

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A large number of open swimming facilities with different swimming facilities. Not only fishing and fishing, but different leisure activities on the water are more attractive for inflatable boats. However, in addition to fun, there are all kinds of troubles in the water. Maybe you will encounter splashes of water splashing on the body or the sun and rain when you are sailing at high speed. What should we do to avoid this? To help you avoid these problems, we have designed awnings for different types of assault boats to avoid the hassle of water, rain and the sun.

The first problem comes from transporting the inflatable boat to a designated place where dirt, road dust, sand, rain and snow are generated on the way, which affects the appearance of the inflatable boat and its durability and performance. In order to protect the vessel from damage during transportation, we can cover it with a tent. Its function is to provide comprehensive protection for the inflatable boat, including other equipment on the trailer and your luggage. It can also be used when the inflatable boat is not in use. Cover to ensure that it is not damaged by UV rays and other harmful substances.

In general, the tent cover is made of heavy-duty fabric by the size of the hull to provide close coverage of the vessel and will not be blown up during the trailer transport. Tents with light-colored materials are the most suitable. This material does not absorb UV light excessively. It ensures that the inflatable boat will not be damaged by overheating and will damage the surface of the hull.

The type of the next awning – installed on the bow to prevent splashing. The main function of this kind of product is: when the inflatable boat is driving at high speed, because the inflatable boat hits the water at high speed, it will produce a strong splash. At this time, the awning can be installed on the bow to block the splash. The splash, otherwise it splashed onto the occupant. Depending on whether the manufactured product has a glass or not, the first type of awning not only satisfies the protective function, but also activates the entire floating device. At the front of the bow is glass that helps with process control, not only to protect passengers, but also to visualize heading. The materials in the manufacture of these products are also durable fabrics that can be chosen to be the same color as the hull. Second, consider the benefits of awnings and the advantages of tent convertibility.


This concentrated type of awning can not only achieve wind and rain, but also the experience of boating in rainy days, such as the installation of a awning to fish in the lake on rainy days. In addition, the awning can also block the same illumination, making it easier and more comfortable to play on the water. Since the operation of such tents does not require high-strength fabric materials, thinner materials can be chosen, generally thinner in material thickness but highly proofread. The main component of the awning is a metal frame made of aluminum. Of course, the installation of the awning will greatly limit the speed of the inflatable boat. The product can be quickly installed to eliminate this shortcoming and quickly obtain a shelter from wind and rain if necessary. In order to improve the comfort of the awning, we can customize it to the inflatable boat manufacturer according to the needs, and attach it to the window with glass lens to achieve the anti-grain effect.


In addition, the installed awning should be secured on the inflatable boat and the product is equipped with a large number of fasteners - buttons, zippers, and high quality materials. These fasteners can be easily installed on an inflatable boat as a whole suitable size awning, which will extend the life of the inflatable boat. In general, the zipper strength fasteners are significantly improved over the working parameters calculated during the operation of the product, and the zipper is operated under high load conditions. The most important part when choosing a awning - to choose according to the size and shape of the inflatable boat. When you purchase a ready-made awning, not the size specified, you will pay special attention to the size of the product when ordering. Usually, the awnings you buy are not made by a specific manufacturer. If you take the time to discuss the price list of several finished products, chances are that you will find a awning specially designed for your assault boat size.

In summary, it should be noted that the presence of an inflatable boat does not guarantee that you have the ideal holiday conditions. In order to improve the water play facilities, you must care about the various accessories to continuously replenish your inflatable boat.


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