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Hardware fishing assault boat

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There are many outdoor activities to choose from in the world. However, the most popular is fishing, perhaps one of the best. No wonder they say that spending time on fishing is not a waste of time. China's vast rivers, reservoirs and lakes provide fishing, and amateur and professional fishermen like to fish in the beautiful lake. Qiandao Lake in Zhejiang is a beautiful inland lake. Every year, countless fishing enthusiasts go fishing and enjoying the scenery. On the lake, you can see a variety of fishing boats, most of which are hard-fishing assault boats.

The selection of vessels from different factories is very different. Before purchase, the buyer should consider in advance the scope of the entire possible use case. Perhaps, except for the assault boat being used for water play, to enter the lake to enjoy the scenery, and to fish on the boat.

All assault boats can be divided into rivers, oceans and lakes. They differ in hull strength, size and price. In addition to the lakes used to carry the cargo and stipulate that the motor cannot be used, the ability of the inflatable boat to install the motor depends on our choice of use. According to the material of the outer shell of the ship, it is classified into plastic, aluminum alloy and fiberglass. More options are high or low, whether to design a tank.


The aluminum alloy submarine is suitable for fishing in rivers, as well as in waters such as lakes and coastal areas. The materials currently used in the production of aluminum alloy submarines have high strength, corrosion resistance and weldability of magnesium-aluminum alloys. The hull is manufactured in close connection, seam welding, argon arc welding, and contact. If your ship has a high ship's rail, the ship is not afraid of water splashing into the cabin when it is hit by a high speed. The components are assembled in aluminum from the assembly vessel and are of very high quality. Aluminium sheets of various thicknesses are used for the manufacture. Usually more large-diameter thick-walled aluminum vessels are used in marine fisheries. The aluminum plates used in rivers and lakes are thinner, so the weight is reduced, which is important for transporting ships. Lightweight alloys Many boat designs are available with built-in motor housing tanks that can be used as an option for open space capsules. The shape of the bottom of the different ship types can also be from the flat bottom to the V-shaped keel bottom. These types of ships can range in size from 2 to 12 people and have different ship types for use in the ocean and other waters. In addition, the single-sided console (steering soft shaft) release mode, two separate consoles - one for steering and one for passengers, as well as a classic version - a horizontal wide console. The last one to go fishing is not very convenient. One of the advantages of aluminum alloy submarines is the well-known high-strength structures and materials that do not shrink. This boat is easy to navigate through shallow waters covered with sand or stones close to dams, bridges, berths or rocky waters. As you know, hard aluminum alloys are easy to combine with alkaline metals and high-strength materials, which is why they are widely used in the aerospace industry. At present, the "non-shrinkable" hull adds more anti-sinking properties - the foam is placed in the stern wall between the hulls so that it can become a ship that does not sink, even if it is completely filled with water.


The difference between a plastic fishing assault boat and an aluminum alloy assault boat is the difference in strength of the outer casing material. Of course, some manufacturers use modern technology to improve product design, but the plastic itself is not so resistant, so it is more important to pay attention to the bottom of the ship when the ship is parked in a moored place. Also pay attention when re-storing, the temperature in winter is very low, the plastic will affect the material very fragile under low temperature conditions, can make the ship material damage and know that it can not be repaired, it is best to store it indoors in winter. Where can you store a ship that can store four to five meters? You need a warm garage or in the parking lot. At the end of the boat season, you need to thoroughly inspect and repair the cracks on the bottom and sides of the ship, and dry the water on the ship. Even a little water will freeze in winter, which will cause serious damage. Damage. The lightweight structure can be achieved with excellent materials. Therefore, the motor power required is lower than that of similar metal ships, and it has less fuel consumption. The transport ship can use smaller and powerful trailers.

FRP fishing assault boats are close to the strength properties of aluminum alloys. In this case, they have the above-mentioned smaller qualities and advantages. Glass fiber is easier to manufacture than plastic. It does not require a large number of compounds and various shape models to make the outer shell and the bottom of the ship. Foam polymeric materials can be used to obtain boats of various forms. In terms of value, the most expensive of the corresponding categories is often the aluminum alloy assault boat. However, each buyer will choose the right hardware fishing submarine according to the characteristics of the need.


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