Common problems with inflatable boats
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Common problems with inflatable boats

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Q: What constitutes an inflatable boat?

A: Inflatable boats can be divided into two types: rigid inflatable boats and ordinary inflatable boats. How they are made is a little different. Rigid inflatable boats are usually rigid frames made of fiberglass or plastic, forming a "V" shaped hull for better maneuverability, and an inflatable bladder consisting of several layers of waterproof fabric. Although compounds and polymers are regularly developed to improve marine technology, plastics and fiberglass are the most common elements of inflatable boats.


Q: Is the inflatable boat safe? Can they be popular?

Because the inflatable boat is made of thick multi-layer material, the material will not tear or burst even if it is in direct contact with the stone. It is entirely possible that a strong enough impact can pierce the material, and the leak usually takes time to deflate the boat and give the passengers a landing time. To reduce excessive expansion, there is no report that the inflatable boat bursts during use. Compared to many hard shell boats, such as plastic kayaks, inflatable boats are very safe and have a huge amount and are very fun.


Q: How to find a second-hand inflatable boat brand?

Typically, an inflatable boat has some kind of sign or decal on its side or inside. If you can't find one of them, each ship should have an ID stamp or board that will tell you (in the code) the brand, serial number, size, capacity and sometimes the manufacturer's contact information. You can usually find boards or markers on the back of the boat. At least the manufacturer can be identified. If you still have difficulty identifying the ship's brand, as in the case of some older models, write directly to the company and someone will be able to help you identify the ship.


Q: How can I find a leak on my boat?

As an advanced technology in screening technology, pinholes can be found in the tires of automobiles. Older tests and real methods are still the best way to find leaks in expandable rubber or composites. You can kill two birds and one stone by mixing a soap solution and filling your inflatable boat. Gently apply a layer of soapy water to each inch of your boat and wait to see if bubbles can be found anywhere in the inflatable area. If you see bubbles, the effective exit of the air, you need to find holes to repair or block it. If you can't see the bubbles, it means your craft is sophisticated, you can safely board it. If you find that your ship has lost air over time, but did not see any bubbles when testing using this method, then the repair center is required to provide a second test and a professional second opinion.

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