Can an inflatable boat install a motor?
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Can an inflatable boat install a motor?

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Is it fun to play inflatable boat with paddles? Not fun! Since it is not fun, why not give it a motor! ! !

    There are a lot of hundreds of inflatable boats on the market. The whole ship has a 0-shaped shape. From the surface, it is impossible to see that the inflatable boat can be installed with a motor. Therefore, people who want to buy such a boat must first understand whether it can be installed. Install the motor, if it can't, buy it and go back all day with a paddle. From the outside, it is really impossible to see that the motor can be installed. Generally, there can be a seesaw at the stern of the stern. This can be done without, but I can tell you exactly that the hundreds of inflatable boats can be equipped with motors. .


    Since I can't see the stern that can be installed on the stern, why do you still say it? This kind of ship itself has no seesaw, because the hull is relatively light and easy to row. Most people buy this kind of ship without installing a motor, so there is no prefabricated slab on the hull. But no seesaw does not mean that the motor cannot be installed. There are four and buckles in the stern. If you want to install the motor, you can install the motor only by purchasing an external stern and the stern bracket. So I am clear. Tell you that you can install it.

   In addition to dozens of inflatable boats, the motor can basically be installed, or the hull is pre-set with a hanging plate, or there is no, the motor must be installed after the hanging plate is installed later. For the case where there is no hanging board, pay attention to the direction of the bottom buckle hole when buying the hanging board. The direction is different, the seesaw is different. If you buy the wrong one, you can't install it. If you don't understand, please contact the inflatable boat dealer.


    After the hook plate is purchased, the motor can not be installed casually. The rubber boat of several hundred pieces is very light, and the heaviest weight is no more than 20 kg. The ship can't be loaded with heavy motor. If the machine is too heavy, the ship will have bad effects. If the bow is too tilted, the direction of navigation is difficult to control, and even the possibility of overturning. The general configuration of the fuel ship motor should not exceed 4 horsepower, and the configured electric boat motor should not exceed 48v. If you do not understand, you can consult the inflatable boat dealer or the boat motor dealer.

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