Inflatable rubber boat valve repair
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Inflatable rubber boat valve repair

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Inflatable rubber boats are easy to maintain, so in most cases, repairs can be done internally. Especially don't break it happen, but there are elements that will eventually fail. One of them may be due to gas valve damage. The main causes of gas valve failure in inflatable rubber boats are as follows: a) mechanical damage (excessive impact, etc.); B) blockage (sand or small stones are hit). If the valve fails, there is no need to apply it to a special service - you can replace it yourself.

To replace an inflatable rubber boat valve, you need a special button for the failed valve. It is not necessary to remove it means at hand - this can cause damage and, in this case, will be more difficult to remove. If there is no such key, it can be done independently. This will require a wire saw and a 13-20 mm diameter of the metal or plastic tube. Along the edge of the tube is the necessary serration, which will be in contact with the inner surface of the valve, which can be made in a cylindrical shape that will fit the hole in the top of the knob.

When the key is complete, you are ready to clean up. To do this, first, you need to pull the tank and then through the valve, the tissue reaction called the glass is groping and squeezed tightly in his hand.

Now unscrew the key out of the glass body. If he is not out of control - this sometimes happens during continuous operation - it may be best to use a special automatic spray liquid key.

Check the recovery valve carefully. Often enough springs to blow out and lubricate the grease with soapy water. If the inflatable rubber boat valve cannot be repaired, it must be replaced with a new one.

Carefully hold the valve glass with your hand and use the key you need in a new valve screw. In this case, it must be enough, but don't over-tighten the screw should be applied here sooner or later, you may need to unscrew it again, in addition, excessive force will damage the valve or key.

Then you need an inflatable rubber boat and check with a soap solution if there is no damaged air valve. If the connection is not tight enough, then press the button a little.

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