How long does a PVC dinghy be used?
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How long does a PVC dinghy be used?

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How long does a PVC dinghy be used?


I have also heard many people complain that the dinghy they bought is broken after one or two years of use. How is it broken?There is only one reason for this.Since the dinghies of a few hundred dollars were not worth mentioning, they basically broke down after a few USES.Gluing rubber boat, as the name suggests, is the use of glue bonding, boat body not a seam is glue coating glue together, make the boat molding, so the glue tightness and durability become the first, if the tightness and endurance is not enough, then there will be degumming. Degumming is formed by aging of the glue. Once aging, the tightness decreases, and the body seam is peeled off, that is, no more gas can be stored, then the rubber boat is completely damaged.

How long does a rubber dinghy last?To this question, I can only answer;It depends on the durability of the glue.The sea star aquatic sports equipment USES the import polyurethane glue to stick the joint, the boating body seam is four layers, sticks the joint tightly to last, our debonding warranty five years.Rubber boats usually last five to eight years. I had a client who bought a boat ten years ago.
A few days ago, a buyer asked me to change the tube. I forgot when I sold it to him. He told me that he bought it 10 years ago and now he has to replace the tube.
So, the following points of common sense maintenance hope you keep in mind;
1. Do not expose the boat to the sun for a long time.
2. Wash it with clean water after each use.
3. Try to store in the inflatable state.
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