How to maintain the inflatable boat
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How to maintain the inflatable boat

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Correct maintenance of the inflatable boat;

1. Generally, the sludge should be washed with water when it is used. It can also be scrubbed with a detergent viscous cloth. Remember not to use washing machine, detergent or chemical agent.

two. Do not arbitrarily place the hull on the ground or in the riverbank to avoid damage from hard objects.

Third, the inflatable boat is an inflatable product, there will be a natural air leak phenomenon, it is normal, please keep the timing inflatable.

4. The inflatable boat that has just been purchased should be used after more than 1 hour after the first inflation. The air chamber needs a buffering process.

5. When the winter is cold, it will become stiff due to the coldness of the PVC material. If it is inflated immediately, it will cause cracks in the situation of the inflatable boat. The inflatable boat should be placed in a temperature-friendly room for more than half an hour. Material Microsoft will be inflated later.

6. It is strictly forbidden to expose the hull to sunlight. If your inflatable boat is made of HYPALON material, too high temperature will cause the surface material to bond, and PVC material will also crack.

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