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Inflatable boat bottom

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In the inflatable boats that are commonly used, the bottom of the ship is different depending on the type of ship and the field of use. Generally used are aluminum alloy foldable bottom plates, PVC brushed inflatable bottom plates, PVc reinforced inflatable bottom plates, and wooden foldable ship bottom plates.

These ship bottoms are used in inflatable boats on the market, such as rubber boats, fishing boats, assault boats, drifting boats, etc.

Aluminum alloy ship plates are generally used in inflatable assault boats. The fields used in such ships are generally emergency rescue work, such as aluminum alloy, which is easy to assemble, not afraid of water soaking, wear-resistant, anti-corrosion and long service life. The ship's board played a big role in emergency rescue.

The wooden bottom plate is more suitable for fishing boats. Generally, fishing enthusiasts know that when fishing out, there will be a lot of fishing tackles, so choosing wood as the bottom plate is relatively light. Use a wooden base plate to be careful to keep it dry when not in use, and it is easy to make it moldy when wet.

The inflatable floor is generally used on a drifting boat. It is inevitable that a strong collision is caused during the drifting. At this time, the inflatable bottom plate can play a buffering role.

The inflatable bottom is also used on recreational boats. While enjoying the sun, lying on the bottom of the inflatable boat will also give you a feeling of comfort.

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