How to Decide on the Right Rigid Inflatable Boat Rib Boat
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How to Decide on the Right Rigid Inflatable Boat Rib Boat

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There are a few things to look for in a RIB boat. When deciding on the right RIB, consider the design and material of each boat you look at.

Rib Boat Hull Design

There are usually two options you can choose from when it comes to the hull layout: single-skin and double-skin. With a single-skin RIB, you walk on the inside of the hull bottom. But if you have a double-skin RIB, you walk on a flat floor inside the boat.

The most lightweight option is the single-skin RIB as they won’t have a storage locker in the bow. The problem with single-skin RIBs is that they tend to accumulate water in the V bottom. But if you’re going to be riding your RIB in the islands, this won’t be an issue.

On the other hand, double-skin RIBs have a flat interior floor and an area that accumulates spray and water so that your feet and cargo won’t get wet. The downside to having more storage is a heavier construction.

Hull Material

The hulls of RIBs are usually made of fiberglass, and aluminum. Most manufacturers use aluminum or fiberglass to build RIB boat hulls.

Aluminum RIBs are lighter than their fiberglass counterparts. However, aluminum rib boat tend to be noisier and even too light for rough waters. Many boaters enjoy the fact that aluminum is quite resistant against abrasions, making it a better choice over fiberglass rib boat. While aluminum RIBs are tough, they’re often pricier than fiberglass dinghies.

Tube Material

If you’ve been boating for a long time, then you likely have experience with wear and tear caused by certain elements such as the sun, rain, and saltwater.

Most RIB tubes are made of PVC or Hypalon. Both materials are strong and long-lasting. However, Hypalon is a tougher fabric, making it more resistant to IV radiation and to fuel. Plus,  the seams have to be glued. Together, these factors make hypalon rib boats a bit heavier and pricer than PVC rib boats.

Even though Hypalon is more resistant to UV, PVC tubes are usually the more attractive option because they’re heat-welded, which helps prevent air leaks. Therefore, if you’re going to be storing your boat in the winter, PVC fabric may be the better choice. And if you’re worried about protection against UV rays, abrasions, cuts, and scrapes, you can always place a chap over your rigid inflatable boat.

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