How to Choose a Good Quality Rib Boat
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How to Choose a Good Quality Rib Boat

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Size and weight are always a important rib boat choose factor. First you need consider aluminum boat rib load up with provisions, Second you need consider the boat trailer using. You may have a difficult time beaching the boat.

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Your choices for the bottom of your RIB are either aluminum or fiberglass. While aluminum is lighter and more durable, a fiberglass hull is quieter and steadier. Aluminum hull inflat rib boat could satisfy most of water family friends play needs.

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Another thing you will consider when choosing your RIB will be the addition of an outboard motor.  of the most popular engines on the market are Yamaha, Suzuki, Honda and Mercury. Outboards can range from 30-300 HP, but for those cruisers who have a need for speed (and enjoy being on plane) your best option will be somewhere around 40-150 HP. 

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