The price for Hypalon inflatable boat in new factory
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The price for Hypalon inflatable boat in new factory

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If you are planning to buy an assault boat now, please note that certain models from the same manufacturer and ships of the same size are expensive for some reason. The difference in the price of the assault boat - very simple. These boats are not made of PVC fabric and Hypalon - more durable and more reliable materials. In the weight and you can see the obvious difference. Hypalon - a material with a higher density. Therefore, the weight has such a difference. This fabric is made of synthetic cords on the same basis as PVC, but the difference is that in the surface layer, the Hepalon structural coating is similar to the synthetic rubber coating. This high material density ensures perfection. Sealed.

Speaking of the fundamentals, Hypalon is not breathable, it has no pinholes, even at the molecular level. The pressure from the Haipalun assault boat kept in the air chamber in the order exceeds the air chamber of the PVC inflatable boat, if there is pressure loss, this is only due to the normal small leakage of the valve. But the perfect seal - not the main addition of the sea boat, the material has a significant advantage in wear resistance, making the ship stronger. There is another material that affects durability - Hypalon's technology, the material inside the synthetic line seems to be fused together, this is not PVC fabric, the outer layer is PVC wire is synthetic, Although firmly stuck to the special layer to keep.

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How to buy a Heparen assault boat reasonably? This is a very controversial issue. The price of this material is relatively expensive, and the more weight, the more space, although not a lot. Perhaps this is meaningless for ships that are used under normal conditions because there is no need to increase the strength of the material at all. In addition, for rowing, this material is not necessary. But for motor boats, it can be used in harsh conditions, and Hypalon is very beneficial.

In addition, Hypalon has better resistance to seawater, but this is not all. The main enemy of PVC ships - solar radiation. The Heparen assault boat is more susceptible to the heat generated by the sun, but the material does not collapse under the influence of direct sunlight, not only the fabric and seams of the pontoon, but the most vulnerable part of the boat. The Hepalon assault boat used for rafting needs to have enhanced wear resistance, and it has certain characteristics and ability to withstand impact loads in this water area.

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By the way, in Western countries, almost all military assault boats are made by Hypalon, mainly because of its performance can withstand a variety of harsh water environments. As far as civil use is concerned, this is very rare. It may be because the price of the Heparen assault boat is too expensive. Think of the same size of the assault boat on the market, pvc production is only 3,000 yuan, and Haipalun to do as high as 6000 or more, this is the obvious price gap, so most civilian ships still choose pvc.

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