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Inflatable boat materials and accessories

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The inflatable boat on the market today is made of 1.2mm special fabric and is wrapped in two layers of special PVC material. The seam joints are bonded with imported polyurethane glue to maximize the problems of high temperature, hydrolysis and exposure. Ensure that the life of the inflatable boat is sufficient for 5-8 years.

First, the characteristics of the inflatable boat material;

1. The bottom plate of the boat adopts the most wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy bottom plate on the market today. This base plate not only has the characteristics of wear resistance and corrosion resistance, but also is easy to disassemble and assemble, and can adapt to various emergency rescue high performance work.

2. The hull is also designed with a spacer film for passenger safety, which can adjust the pressure balance of each cone.

3. The paddle adopts a more flexible sliding lock connection method, which is more labor-saving for you.

4. The high-strength stainless steel D-ring bow protects the damage caused by the impact.

Second, inflatable boat accessories:

In addition to one of the main inflatable boats, a pair of paddles, one manual air pump, and one rope. Also equipped with: repair kits, instructions, warranty cards, tool bags, etc.


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